v 24/04/2008

LTH_Copy2S60 is a simple command line utility for easy file transfer from pc to any Symbian S60 phone

It should works also with others flavors of Symbian like UIQ but as S60 is the most common version of the family...

LTH_Copy2S60 is based upon some samples provided by Nokia with the connectivity API LTH_Copy2S60 needs Nokia PCSuite installed and working and the Microsoft .net 2.0 framework

How to use ?

Copy LTH_Copy2S60.exe somewhere, for example in c:\windows, and launch LTH_Copy2S60 sourcepathfile targetpath like LTH_Copy2S60 c:\tmp\file.sis e:\new

How to add a right click sendto ?

create a cmd file with this simple line

c:\windows\LTH_copy2S60.exe  %1  "e:\new"

and add a shortcut to your sendto folder, usually %userprofile%\SendTo

How to add a right click command ?

warning... registry hack... can be dangerous... etc... if you know how to do it, here a some hints...

reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\classes\*\shell\LTH_copy2S60 /ve /t reg_sz /d ^&LTH_copy2S60 /f
reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\classes\*\shell\LTH_copy2S60\command /ve /t reg_expand_sz /d "c:\windows\LTH_copy2S60.exe\" \"%%1\" \"e:\_new\"" /f

LTH_Copy2S60 is freeware and furnished as is, without any warranty. If you like it, well... paypal donation is welcome ;-)